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Frequently Asked Question!

The Organics Store presents you with a wide range of chemical free soap bar. Our soap bars are SLS free which is used in normal soap bars and is harmful to the skin. You can Buy Our Natural Soap Bars From Our Store

Yes, All of the products that the organics store manufactures are also paraben-free. Paraben is preservatives used in Cosmetic Manufacturing.

And We are proud to announce that our Products are paraben free

Yes All of our Soap Bases including, Transparent Melt and pour soap base, Goat milk soap base, Aleo vera Soap Base and Shea Butter soap base, all of our soap bases are SLS free

Yes, All of the products that The Organics Store Offers are Cruelty Free. As all the ingredients used in our Products are Vegan

Yes, we are very happy to say that all of our products like natural herbal soaps have the herb on which they are named to 30% concentration.

Currently, we don’t have any physical Shop in any city at the moment, But we will launch it soon in the upcoming near future. But Till that time You can check out our website for more details

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